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Campaigning With Your Fleet

Campaigns mean going beyond branding

Campaigning means a lot more than just having your logo out in the public. It’s about making an impact on your target audience and being relevant.

Campaigns on your fleet include the ability to have extremely timely or relevant advertisements, or to develop unique creative or promotions that cause people to take action and become leads or new customers. 

Kentucky Eagle's Outreach to first Responders

Legacy beverage distributor Kentucky Eagle knows all about the power of campaigning.

Instead of continuing with the same ads for years, their changeable graphics systems allow them to have specialized messaging, like letting their community know how much they appreciate the hard work first responders are doing every single day. 

Changing your message in a timely manner to maximize your fleet impressions is what our changeable graphics system is all about.

Regular campaigns get rid of impression fatigue

Target frequency is a common factor for marketers when building campaigns for billboards, radio and other media.

The reason: it has been proven over time that the same advertisement has a peak amount of times it can be seen by the same person before it isn’t making as strong of an impression. 

There are also the benefits of being able to leverage timely content around events, releases, popular culture, or even a new hiring campaign for the HR team. 

Leverage Your Existing Relationships

Committing a trailer wrap to a non-profit effort or  to recognize a sponsorship, new partnership traditionally proves difficult because it would need to be on there for a long time. 

With changeable and reusable graphics, you can promote the  local collegiate team for just the few weeks leading up to their bowl game, or the special event that your favorite charity is having.