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Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Changeable Graphics

No Ongoing Media Fees Means a low cpm

An obvious benefit to fleet advertising is that you don’t pay ongoing monthly media fees for using the space.

The longer each asset is on the road, the more value they return, helping your ROI. Because the majority of the costs are in the production and initial setup, you can get some of the lowest CPM costs across all media types.

This is combined with the fact that these are highly effective outdoor advertising impression drivers, that people can see, in the communities the businesses serve. 

if we gave you 10 free billboards for 5 years, how would you use them?

Treat your fleet assets like the advertising spaces they really are

Compared to Billboards, it's a no-brainer

The following comparison shows the power of using your own assets for advertising campaigns. Without having to pay monthly media fees, you get huge amounts of relevant impressions at a fraction of the cost compared to billboards.

Traditional Billboards

20 boards in campaign

twelve month campaign

(With 3 creative changes included)

Production costs

$800 per board (3 x 20 x $800)


Media Costs

$2,000 per board, per month (20 x 12 x $2,000)


Total Cost


Mobile Billboards

20 sides of 10 box trucks or trailers

twelve month campaign

(With 3 creative changes included)

Initial Installation

$6,300 per truck (10 x $6,300)


two creative changes

$1,800 per side (2 x 20 x $1,800)


Total Cost




of the avg costs for similar traditional billboard campaigns*

Get the right amount of ad frequency

Leaving the same creative on a billboard for 3+ years doesn’t take full advantage of the medium. The same is true for your vehicles.

With a target frequency between 7-9 impressions, keeping the same creative on your vehicles for years will have a reduced impact on the audience over time.

By having regular changeouts, you can target new audiences and get back into the minds of those that are often seeing your ads, keeping your ads impactful.

Changeable Graphics Make Campaigning Feasible

While full wraps offer branding opportunities and creative freedom, the ongoing costs of labor, graphics removals, and downtime make changing the graphics expensive and an unneeded hassle for fleet managers. 

By leveraging our changeable graphics system, brand managers and marketing teams can change the advertising on their particular trailer or box truck in order to campaign in ways impossible if the graphics could not easily be changed.