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Typical Project Timeline

What to expect from our process

One of the biggest questions we get is “how long is it going to take?” A question where the answer is based on numerous key factors. 

The following 8 steps are the most common that we follow for most projects. The process does change depending on factors such as volume, install location and many others as seen in this visual example below. 


The first part of our process is an initial consultation. This ensures all aspects are covered and allows our team to properly assess the scope of the project and build a plan.


Step 2 involves coming to an agreement on what services are needed, including the products being used, and what is being considered for installation.


Design Services
The length of time needed for design services varies based the needs of the client, if fully prepared artwork is provided, the design team can quickly get that artwork into production. For other projects, this time frame includes the time needed for completely new creative to be made, you then need to account for up to three creative drafts to come up with a fantastic final solution.


Press Proof
After design services prepares your artwork. All new orders get a press proof to see what the final product will look like. This stage is critical to ensuring accuracy printing the first time, saving time for everyone.


Print Production
After the press proof has been approved, the order will be sent to our massive production facility, where in just a matter of days, your graphics will be beautifully produced and ready for application.


Install Scheduling
Depending on the project, installation services may or may not be needed. The product application, install location, and weather conditions can all impact the timeline for setting up installation. Assuming the project needs installation at a service center, expect to be scheduled in a timely fashion to coordinate with your production.


The installation time can vary depending on the number of vehicles and if removal is included. Assuming there is no removal, expect a new vehicle wrap to be installed in under one day on any size vehicle or trailer, while Traxx™ banners can be changed out in under 1 hour!


Vehicle on the road
After installation your vehicle(s) are ready to go! Just let us know when you need it, and we can tell you what would need to happen to make possible. Balance for each vehicle is due upon pickup.

Let Us Know Your Timeframe for completion

Have a specific timeframe you need to hit for your project? Trying to reduce the lead time to get a vehicle after its been ordered? How about downtime for repairs? We specialize in identifying ways to be faster and more efficient for our customers.

For fleets, its about having that ongoing partner that understands your fleet and your operational needs, and also knows what marketing teams and business leadership expect from their fleet graphics.