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Public Service

An affordable option for identification

Public service organizations like police, fire, and EMS may opt for fleet graphics to enhance visibility and community recognition, bolstering public trust and confidence in their services.

 Branded vehicles serve as mobile billboards, promoting civic engagement and fostering a sense of security within neighborhoods. Additionally, distinct fleet graphics aid in quick identification during emergencies, facilitating efficient responses and ensuring public safety.

Digitally printed and ready for application

Partners of Advertising Vehicles expect high quality vinyl graphics that can be full color and digitally printed. Additionally, we can also provide decals that can be a on a custom roll of the exact specified color that you use.

Our design team and print preparation team will identify the right products for your application. 


Consider Partial Wraps for additional impact?

Partial vehicle wraps offer a balanced solution, integrating the vehicle’s color with the wrap design to optimize cost-effectiveness. By strategically blending decals with the vehicle’s surface, we minimize material usage while maintaining impactful branding.

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