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Resources for Upfitters

A Coordinated Effort

We have specific strategies when working with upfitters for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. 

The benefits for upfitters that partner with us is two-fold.

First, they know that if they refer us to their clients they are putting them in good reliable hands for every order.

Second, is that we will integrate our process into your workflow to reduce overall lead times and make the process easy for everyone involved.

We help get those vehicles on the road faster and provide an excellence experience for every client. 

We work like an extension of your company

What makes Advertising Vehicles special is we will leverage our robust technology to integrate with partners to make the process seamless.

We manage integrated ordering, sales materials, production, and installation plans, so that less time is wasted.

We're not locked into any particular partner

Another great benefit of working with Advertising Vehicles, is that we work with upfitting companies across the U.S.. We take privacy, and not favoring any partner business, with the utmost importance.

We are a reliable partner for the businesses we work with and will work to identify confidentiality needs and other considerations for working together. 

Contact us about working together

Want to learn more about what its like to partner with Advertising Vehicles? Reach out to our team about working together today.